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Clip Czar

Click Here for FREE Download 'Clip Czar' Clip Czar 5.3
Player, SlideShow Viewer, flexible Playlister and Media File Manager
Published by HighRoad Software

  File Size: 640 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 09-Jul-2002
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Why put up with a player lacking strong playlist and media file management capabilities when you can have Clip Czar for free? As if that weren't enough, Clip Czar also does double duty as a SlideShow viewer for image files. Playback order can be selected, including Shuffle and Largest First. Includes convenient repeat toggle, as well as a playback speed control and sleep timer. Clip Czar is a must-have for all who frequently download music and/or video clips, as it allows you to mark clips as they are being played; marked clips can then be deleted, copied, moved, or added to a new or existing playlist. Finally, a flexible playlist editor allows you to add, delete, move, or sort clips within the playlist. Each Playlist can contain clips or images from any number of different drives and directories.

Clip Czar 5.3 requires 32MB RAM, 6MB Disk Space

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