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Flash ScreenSaver Builder

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This screensaver maker allows you to use Flash SWF files in screensavers along with images, text and multimedia: WAV, AVI, MID, MP3. It features transition effects, command language, brand-free installer, wizard, templates and Flash-to-SCR quick tool
Published by XemiComputers Ltd.

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File Size: 1,409 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 03-Sep-2004
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This screensaver maker allows you to use Flash SWF files as well as images, text and multimedia in a standard screensaver. It offers four user interfaces with different complexity: Flash-to-SCR quick tool, one-step screensaver templates, wizard interface and simple yet effective command language. There are many image transition effects to play with, command for moving images and text across the screen, random coordinates, letter-by-letter effect for showing text. You can place all visual components, including Flash, on the same screen if necessary. A screensaver becomes web enabled when you use the option to assign a hotkey that automatically opens a web browser with a selected URL when a user presses it to exit the screensaver. The program can make brand-free installer EXE files for installing and removing screensavers. Supported media file formats are: WAV, AVI, MID, MP3 and SWF.

Flash ScreenSaver Builder 4.7 requires Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 32Mb RAM

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