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Click Here for FREE Download 'Code Library for .NET (SQL Server/MSDE)' Code Library for .NET (SQL Server/MSDE)
The CodeLib is an application that helps you to easily find and use the code snippets. As a result, you can build a programs faster.
Published by s630417

View screenshot of 'Code Library for .NET (SQL Server/MSDE)'
File Size: 2,926 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 03-Sep-2003
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Code Library for .NET (SQL Server/MSDE) Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'Shareware Tracker' Shareware Tracker
Web site submission software for commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Sophisticated, feature-rich software makes the otherwise arduous process of submission much easier and less time-consuming.
Published by AccuSolve, Inc.

View screenshot of 'Shareware Tracker'
File Size: 3,649 K
OS: Win XP
Released: 16-Jan-2004
Free to try, $89.00 to buy

Download Shareware Tracker Free Download

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Click Here for FREE Download 'CS-RCS Basic' CS-RCS Basic
CS-RCS Basic - The Ultimate Windows Revision Management Solutions !
Published by ComponentSoftware Inc.

View screenshot of 'CS-RCS Basic'
File Size: 2,400 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 31-Jul-2002
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download CS-RCS Basic Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'PADGen' PADGen
Easily creates Portable Application Descriptions (PAD) files for all your applications. Use PAD to get all of the important information to your vendors and webmasters as quickly and as concisely as possible.
Published by Association of Shareware Professionals

View screenshot of 'PADGen'
File Size: 3,476 K
OS: Win 98/2000/XP
Released: 03-Apr-2011
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download PADGen Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'EasyLicenser License Manager' EasyLicenser License Manager
Easylicenser is the complete software solution for your license manager needs. It provides - Ease-of-use for you as well as your end-user - Low-cost: effectively a small % of your product sale price - Versatility and unlimited expansion
Published by Agilis Software

View screenshot of 'EasyLicenser License Manager'
File Size: 9,966 K
OS: Linux; Mac; Win XP
Released: 10-Feb-2009
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download EasyLicenser License Manager Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software' RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software
RegKeeper is a straightforward, inexpensive e-sales tracking solution packed with handy features like an overstuffed sandwich. Affiliate tracking, chargebacks and refunds black list, e-mail processing, order import, reporting, sales history.
Published by SiComponents

View screenshot of 'RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software'
File Size: 4,783 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 17-Jun-2010
Free to try, $149.00 to buy

Download RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software Free Download

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Click Here for FREE Download 'Ghost Installer Studio' Ghost Installer Studio
New Ghost installer Studio 3.4 enables you to create powerful, professional installations with literally few mouseclicks spending for the entire procedure just couple of minutes. Interactive demo at
Published by gInstall Corp.

  File Size: 9,919 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 19-Nov-2002
Free to try, $189.00 to buy

Download Ghost Installer Studio Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'Mihov NSIS Helper' Mihov NSIS Helper
Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for graphical creating of script files for Nullsoft Install System. It helps with a simple GUI and can create very simple setup files. It is intended for beginners!
Published by Miha Psenica

View screenshot of 'Mihov NSIS Helper'
File Size: 231 K
OS: Win 98/2000/XP
Released: 28-Nov-2005
Free to try, $0.00 to buy

Download Mihov NSIS Helper Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'Visual Patch Maker' Visual Patch Maker
Visual Patch is a software development tool for building software patches and software updates. Binary patch maker features DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deployment and integration with software installation patch management tools.
Published by Indigo Rose Software

View screenshot of 'Visual Patch Maker'
File Size: 18,383 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 15-Dec-2009
Free to try, $395.00 to buy

Download Visual Patch Maker Free Download

Click Here for FREE Download 'SoftwareShield System' SoftwareShield System
The SoftwareShield System is a full featured licensing and copy-protection system for software developers who create Windows applications. Using the SoftwareShield System allows your team will save substantial development time and money.
Published by SoftwareShield Technologies

View screenshot of 'SoftwareShield System'
File Size: 9,087 K
OS: Win (All)
Released: 11-Jul-2003
Free to try, $379.95 to buy

Download SoftwareShield System Free Download

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